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USB DAQ device with up to 16 12-bit analog inputs, up to 20 digital I/O, 2 10-bit analog outputs, up to 2 counters, and up to 2 timers. To learn more about the specifications, go to the U3 specifications page.

The analog inputs on the U3-LV range from 0–2.4 V or 0–3.6 V, single-ended or differential. For higher voltage ranges, the U3-HV provides 4 dedicated high voltage analog inputs.

For integrating the U3-LV into a bigger product, we offer an OEM version of the U3-LV.

Price Per U3-LV

Quantity Price
10-29 $99.36
30-99 $90.72
100-499 $82.08
500+ $73.44

Drivers and example code can be found on the U3 Support page.

The User's Guide is available online.

In Stock
Price: $108.00