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T4 Firmware


T4 Firmware Overview


Use the Kipling software program to load the firmware files onto a T4. Also use Kipling to identify the current firmware version on your T4.

Change Log




  • Added read support for MA_DAC1_FREQ_OUT.
  • Added LED power modes and LED control registers.



  • DIO_ANALOG_EN will now set lines being changed from analog to digital, to input.
  • STREAM_CLOCK_SOURCE will no longer return an error when being set to zero.
  • SBUS will now default to using FIO4 and 5. 
  • Changed the read mechanics for DIO_EF indices 3 and 4.
  • Some DIO_EF functions were only set up to work with the T7. Those have been updated to work with the T4. 
  • An error will now be thrown when attempting to change the index of an enabled DIO_EF.
  • DIO_EF interrupt counter will now maintain two counts. One for rising edges, the other for falling.
  • Updated Comm LED to idle off before the first enumeration.



  • Fixed startup configuration bugs.
  • Fixed a bug in DIO_EF indices 3 and 4 that was causing invalid data.
  • Fixed a bug in asynch that could cause data corruption when using parity.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause stream auto-recover to report a partial packet. Change special range threshold from 0.01V to -0.005 V.
  • Changed stream resolution limit to 5 in both stream and C-R.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Ethernet from starting up properly when being reset without a power cycle.



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1.0002: Initial release firmware for the T4.