LabJack Operations Status

LabJack Operations Status - LabJack

Updated May, 25th, 2023

Stock Report

LabJack Part Number Stock Status notes
U6-Pro Low Stock Less than 1 Month of Stock
Tick-DAC Low Stock 1- 2 Months of Stock

The U6-Pro is now listed as Low Stock. Good news however we have pulled in shipments and are expecting them to be back in stock by mid-late June. 

Tick-DAC is listed as Low Stock with 1-2 months on hand due to a problematic part, we are working on getting back into normal production.  

52 of 54 products have more than 1 month's worth of stock on hand.

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Device Specific Production Status

Please see our compliance page for more information regarding the current production status (e.g. active, end of life, no longer available) of our products.


All operations are normal.  We are processing and shipping all orders per our normal schedule.  Most orders for in-stock items placed before 3 pm Mountain Time ship the same day.

Essential Business

LabJack is an Essential Business, and supplier to many Essential Businesses.  We are a developer/manufacturer/provider of measurement & automation equipment.  Specifically, we make tools that provide the critical link between computers and the real world (sensors/actuators).  Our customers are located all over the world and include:

  • Medical.
  • Industrial and manufacturing.
  • Research & Development.
  • Education.
  • Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard.
  • Defense contractors.
  • All 17 USA national laboratories plus many foreign labs.
  • Many companies in the health sector working on vaccines, therapies and testing.

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