LJTick-InAmp 3

The LJTick-InAmp (LJTIA3) is a signal-conditioning module with two independent channels. Each channel uses an instrumentation amplifier to amplify, and offset the signal while rejecting noise. This is ideal for small-voltage signals such as bridge circuits (strain gauges) and thermocouples.

The LJTIA3 is available in either a 11x or 201x gain with a fixed output voltage offset of 1.25V. Custom gains and offsets are possible by replacing resistors. 

The 4-pin design plugs into the standard VS/GND/AIN/AIN screw-terminal block found on LabJacks such as the T4 and T7.

Complete details including differences between LJTIA2 and LJTIA3 on LJTIA3.0 Datasheet

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