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LabJack and educational programs - LabJack

LabJack recently donated a few U3s to Stern MASS High School in LA, California, and their setup is a good example of how data acquisition hardware can be used in the classroom. Professor Peter Halverson organized a wonderful electronics lab for his STEM students, which they use to learn about programming, hard-core electrical engineering, and realistic scientific experimentation.

16 experimentation setups, so students form pairs of 2 for the projects.

The first step was to actually construct the experimentation fixtures - each consisted of a piece of wood, a breadboard, paper clip switches, a potentiometer, and some screws and wires to hold it all together.

A completed fixture, with a little robot on the left (can't really see the wheels).

All 16 completed fixtures.

Once they were done making the fixtures, the students learned some Python, and started to control motors, LEDs, and more!  Peter has lots of projects planned for the future, so these students (and those who follow them) are bound to learn a lot from the program. It's a privilege to participate in educational programs, and LabJack is delighted that our products can be so directly integrated. We also like to sponsor FSAE teams, robotics clubs, alternative energy programs, and other fun things.

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