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Networking (App Note)


Networking Overview

With today's technology, there are many ways to communicate with our devices.  Simply connecting a LabJack to a computer is no longer the only method of communication.  Some of our devices have built in Ethernet and WiFi support making it very simple to connect to your LabJack in new ways.  If your LabJack does not natively support a particular method of communication that you require, there is likely a solution that exists to assist you with your needs.  Simple examples are controlling our devices with a Raspberry Pi (embed them), connect to them wirelessly, share them on a network, or communicate with them using a cell phone.

Options also exist to connect our devices to the Cloud.  Many free and paid solutions exist that allow for sending and receiving information from the cloud.  Some networking experience is required, but the solutions that can be created are almost infinite once collected data is available on the internet.