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International Sales

International Distributors

A LabJack may be closer than you think. We have distributors in:


Asia Pacific


Middle East and Africa

International Customers

Customers in other countries should check with nearby distributors or order directly from us. Prepayment is generally required for international orders.  The best way to order directly from us by credit card using the shopping cart at  If you cannot pay by credit card at, use the shopping cart to get a quote including shipping costs, then PayPal funds to PayPal.Me/LabJackCorporation or contact us to arrange a wire transfer.

The international distributor prices are often higher than the USA prices, but there is an obvious savings in shipping expense, and a not so obvious savings in the taxes/duty/brokerage fees collected by the courier upon delivery. The overall cost is often less from a local distributor. In addition, using a local distributor provides a local contact for service and support.

Shipping Terms

Default shipping terms we state on paperwork are Incoterm EXW.  Contact us if you need different terms.

  • Carriage Cost is the responsibility of the buyer.  1) LabJack charges the buyer for carriage and LabJack then pays the carrier, or 2) The buyer provides their carrier account number and carriage is charged to that account.
  • International Export/Import Costs such as clearance, brokerage, taxes, and duties, are always the responsibility of the buyer, and will be collected by the carrier upon delivery.  These costs are unknown at the time of shipment.  These funds go to the courier and government, not to LabJack.
  • Risk transfers to buyer when the carrier picks up the package(s) from LabJack.  To help protect the buyer we only ship by methods which include tracking and offer insurance, and in the event of loss, damage, or other problems we provide all assistance possible.
  • LabJack does prepare the goods for shipment, ready for pickup by the carrier.  LabJack does prepare all paperwork as needed for the shipment to get to the buyer.

International Shipping

We direct ship small international orders via DHL or UPS.  Both provide fast and reliable service all over the world.  To determine shipping & handling options and charges, add items to your shopping cart here at  The following are the options you might see, although not all options are available to all locations:

DHL Express:  1-5 days.

UPS Worldwide Express: 2-3 days.

UPS Worldwide Saver: 3 days.

UPS Worldwide Expedited: 4-5 days.

Use my shipping account: Provide your account number for FedEx or other and specify the desired shipping method.

Here are links to shipping time calculators from DHL and UPS, both of which are quite accurate.  Packages will ship from Lakewood, CO, 80227, USA.

If specially requested we can ship USPS, but the shipping time is typically at least twice as long as expected (2-4 weeks is normal), the tracking is terrible, and a large percentage of packages just disappear.


Shipping rates from are for the shipping cost only and do not include any taxes/duty/brokerage that might be due. If any taxes are due, the shipping company will collect them upon delivery. If the taxes are not paid, the shipping company will return the package to LabJack, and we can apply a refund but minus the cost of return shipping and any fees still due (such as brokerage).

Note to customers in Canada

LabJack sells all items on including some items warehoused in Canada and delivered by (FBA) including free shipping and faster delivery.

Shipping Times:  Shipping times are often faster than the worldwide times above.  DHL is 1-2 days to most of Canada.

Brokerage: All UPS methods include brokerage except UPS Standard (aka Ground).

Tax: Depending on your province you will owe the GST, HST, and/or PST, for that province.

Duty: In general there can be an import duty of 0-20% depending on the commodity, but our research has determined that due to NAFTA there should be no duty on our products.

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