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We have used your products very successfully through the years.

Another example of outstanding customer support from LabJack. Not much of a surprise; I have experienced (years ago, now) technical support from LabJack that was completely satisfactory. I literally could not imagine any way to improve it.

Again thank you very much for donating these data acquisition cards.  I am looking forward to increasing the capabilities of our dyno and will send you some photos of our setup when we are done. 

...the U6 is working great with Labview. I'm impressed with it's capability so far. I am using the U6 in an application requiring A/D's, DAC, DIN, DIO, and FREQOUT. All of it works great.

Perfect. Now everything works as expected with no more random checksum errors on UDP commands. Thank you very much, rarely have I found this kind of quick and resolutive forum support.

Thanks for your quick and most excellent response and solution.

Thank you very much for sending the micro, your willingness to help with this issue exceeded my expectations!

Thank you for your advice. [...] I received the T7 a few weeks ago and I'm very impressed with the ease of operation.

We have been using your LabJack U12 modules for several years [...] please tell my support contact that his answer was very clear & precise.

We have been using your devices for about 10 years, they are on at least 100 of our systems, and your online support documentation is a great resource.

Super great it works now!! Thank you for the quick support.

Your LabJack technical support has been outstanding-making me even happier than I already was with the product.

I must say that I’ve been dealing with a number of companies (both domestic and international) since I started my business, and I have never encountered a company that is even remotely close to the level of support you are providing along with a range of really great products. The only way I can re-pay you is to keep ordering them.

I just purchased your U3-HV for a specific application and it is amazing in its simplicity and functional versatility. Great work you guys! A few minutes ago I stumbled on your app notes for wireless data acquisition. Now I'm really excited.

I had my system up and working with your new file just in time for a customer visit. I really appreciate your support here.

Thank you for doing this in such a timely manner ...You guys are the ultimate support ninjas.

I really do love your products ... They are first class for a coach price and your customer service is what every company should aspire to have.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I LOVE dealing with you guys! I cannot remember anyone that has given such superb support for their products!

You guys are the best and your customer support should be the world-wide standard.

Man, you LabJack folks are great! ...and with fast responses! I think this will do just fine for me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!