Original Code Consulting-3rd Party LabVIEW Developer in Colorado

Original Code Consulting has been providing LabVIEW software and development services for over 26 years. David Thomson, the founder of OCC, began using LabVIEW 2.5 in 1992, and has helped hundreds of companies and organizations create intuitive, robust software solutions for a variety of applications. Although OCC specializes in R&D environments, we have considerable experience in various industrial settings as well, including product test, process control and monitoring, and more.

In addition to providing custom LabVIEW code, OCC also has a commercial
program available that can often provide greatly reduced development time and cost savings. MICAS-X (Multi-Instrument Control and Acquisition System – eXtended), is a highly modular system which can include any of hundreds of existing modules, but can also be easily expanded to include devices and interfaces that have not yet been used with it. Because so much of the code is pre-existing and has been used by dozens of customers, it is very robust, greatly reducing debugging time. In addition, the entire package is easily configurable by the end-user, allowing dramatic changes in functionality with no additional programming. In addition to supporting a wide variety of hardware from numerous manufacturers, MICAS-X already has support for the majority of LabJack devices. Hence your LabJack-based projects can quickly benefit from the power and flexibility of our MICAS-X software.

Original Code Consulting 


Boulder, Colorado USA

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