The Best Mechanical Pencil Ever-New Merch Announcement- LabJack Pencil

The Best Mechanical Pencil Ever-New Merch Announcement- LabJack Pencil - LabJack

Do you have a favorite writing implement? Is it a pen or a pencil? Maybe it includes a feather or requires an ink fountain. Is yours expensive or super cheap? Did you get it as a gift or to mark a graduation or milestone? Do you hide it from your co-workers? Your kids? Are you hesitant to share it with your spouse? 

Here at LabJack, our engineering manager Steve loves mechanical pencils. Specifically he loves the Pentel Twist Erase III mechanical pencil. He loves it because it is the best mechanical pencil on the market in his opinion. It's comfortable, stylish and works great. The .7mm lead writes smooth and doesn't rip as you write. It has a large and refillable twist-up eraser that won't smudge. Steve bought one on Amazon in 2018 and hadn't had to buy another one since.

Lucky for you, LabJack has one of these pencils ready for your desk. Free with any purchase upon request. If you ask politely we might even send you a second one to share with a friend, co-worker or another engineer who appreciates high quality tools. Tools that were designed with the user in mind, are beautiful and just so happen to be the color red...

LabJack New Mechanical Pencils Ready for Your Desk

For more than 20 years LabJack has loved providing t-shirts, hats and merchandise to engineers, students and our most loyal customers. If you haven't done so already, check out the LabJack T8 our newest device T-Series Device that features 8 fully isolated analog inputs that are also simultaneously sampled with 24-bit ADCs for the highest speed, highest resolution measurements LabJack offers.