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Why LabJack

Legendary Support

  • Email responses that actually answer your question.
  • Free lifetime support includes (some) engineering design help.
  • The engineers who made the product also respond to your questions.
  • Should your LabJack misbehave, we offer free RMA diagnostics & repairs.

Your product saved me a bunch of money and time. I usually contact support organizations... about how bad their products are. I felt like I had to say how well yours worked!

—Thomas, Software Engineer




  • Software integrates easily. We don't force you into a certain software, programming environment or operating system.
    • LabVIEW, C++, MATLAB, Python, Java, .NET, Delphi, Visual Basic, VB6, VBA, and more examples
    • Linux, macOS, Windows
  • Add new kinds of sensors on-the-fly. We provide inexpensive signal conditioning modules.
  • Control valves, motors, lights, pumps, etc - using one of many digital I/O control options.
  • Incorporate LabJack DAQ hardware using our OEM options.

I purchased a LabJack T7 Pro early in 2019---in just 14 months this marvelous device has provided me with greatly enhanced testing, evaluating and access to the characteristics of devices that occupy a large segment of the advice I provide----digital, analog conversion, Op amps, the list is endless---my work is reduced and accuracy multiplied---Thanks for bringing such useful and powerful tools to us

—Bob Woods, Mechanical Engineer, Power Generation Monitoring Industry (Retired)



Quality Hardware

  • Have confidence in your measurements. Every device is individually tested and calibrated.
  • New features and updates are readily available through field-programmable firmware.
  • Multiple protection mechanisms on every I/O to help prevent electrical damage. 

We have been using your devices for about 10 years, they are on at least 100 of our systems, and your online support documentation is a great resource.

—Mark, LiteSentry Corp