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How to get a Quote

    LabJack has simple transparent pricing, including quantity discounts, that is accurately represented through our online store.  There is no need to wait for us to generate a quote for you, as you can use our online system to make a quote at any time that has your items and information entered the way you want.

    Also see the General Ordering Info page, and international customers check out the International Sales page which includes distributors all over the world that are often the best option for international customers.

    Make Your Own Quote

    How to generate a quote:

    1. Login at, or register for a new account.
    2. Add products to the cart. 
    3. Go to the cart and click "Checkout" to go to the Checkout page. 
    4. Fill in the Checkout page as desired and click "Continue to next step". 
    5. Click "Save as Quote" on the Review Order page.
      1. If you don't see the "Save as Quote" button right above the Payment information box, please log in.
    6. View quotes at any time by going to your user page.
    7. Need a PDF version or hardcopy?  No problem, there are buttons for both at the top of the quote page.

    Request A Quote from LabJack

    For immediate quotes use our web site as described above, if your request is non-urgent and can wait 72+ hours, LabJack can generate a quote for you, send an email to [email protected] with at least the following information:

    • Items/quantity you would like to order.
    • User name for your account at (register here).
    • Email address & billing email.
    • Phone number.
    • Shipping/billing address.
    • Purchase order number (if applicable).
    • Desired delivery date (if applicable).
    • Shipping method ... prepay & add or ship on buyers account.

    View Your Quotes

    1. Login at
    2. View quotes at any time by going to your user page.

    Convert A Quote To An Order

    1. Login at
    2. Go to your user page and click "View/Print Quote".
    3. Click "Convert Quote to Order".  That quote will then be moved out of the quote list and into your shopping cart, replacing any items currently in your cart.
    4. If you have any issues with this, please email [email protected] and tell us your username and quote number.