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Many of our products have been tested for CE marking, which reflects FCC compliance, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), EMI (electromagnetic interference), RF emissions, RF immunity, and the ability to survive ESD (electrostatic discharge).  Part of the CE mark, is that we make a Declaration of Conformity where we point out what standards the devices have been tested to.  You can generally find the declarations on the datasheet for a particular device, but here are some fancier versions.

All LabJack-branded products are CEREACH, RoHS2, and CFM (conflict-free minerals) compliant.


CE Declarations of Conformity:

Attached below.


Conflict Free Minerals:

Attached below is our conflict minerals (CM) policy document and our conflict minerals reporting template (CMRT).



Attached below is a document stating RoHS and REACH compliance.


Letter of Volatility (LoV):

Letters of volatility describe the various memory within a device, what is volatile and what is non-volatile, how information can be stored in memory, and how memory can be cleared.  Letters of volatility are attached below, and if your device is not listed contact us and we can add it.


Certificate of Conformance:

These are documents that state that products do what we say they do.  They are generated on demand as they include serial numbers of specific products being shipped, so contact us if needed.


UL, CSA, or similar electrical safety standards:

All our products are low voltage and these electrical safety standards do not apply.  In the case of the RB12 & RB16, the modules used on these devices (provided by other manufacturers) might have a UL listing or similar.



LabJack's red enclosures:  UL 94 HB, Sabic Polycarbonate Lexan 143R, E75735.
LabJack's PCBs:  UL 94V-0, E304660 (M1 or N2).
Screw Terminals:  UL 94V-0, Thermoplastic, E245249.
Snaptrack:  UL 94V-0, PVC, E58648.
RB12/UE9 Power Jack:  UL 94V-0, PBT 4815, E59481.
USB Connector:  E59481, PBT UL 94V Rated
Pin Headers:  E53664, 30% Glass Fiber PBT


Country of Origin:

Per export definitions, the official Country of Origin for all LabJack-branded products is USA.

All software written by LabJack also has the Country of Origin of USA.

We do not claim the phrase "Made in the USA", as that requires virtually 100% USA content which is not possible for electronics.