LabJack T4

Product Announcement

Updated 12/21/2017

We are excited to introduce our newest multifunction DAQ device, the LabJack T4. The T4 is a low cost USB and Ethernet DAQ device that is compatible with Modbus TCP/UDP, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial automation, logging and control applications. The LabJack T4 is officially released and for sale!

The T4 is much like its bigger brother, the T7, in that it supports the LJM driver (and many other software options) for easy cross-platform programming (Windows, Mac OS X / macOS, Linux and various ARM-based Linux distributions), Modbus register access to every device attribute and the ability to run on-board Lua scripts using Kipling. The T4 also includes the same Ethernet communication interface that the T7 supports (allowing for two clients to be simultaneously connected) and is a Modbus TCP/UDP server. The T4 differentiates itself from the T7 by incorporating many popular features from the U3-HV such as high and low voltage analog inputs and flexible I/O lines. Finally, the T4 sells for much less than the T7. At only $229, the T4 is one of the least expensive Ethernet-based DAQ devices on the market.

Updated T-Series Datasheet

The T4 is similar to the T7 in more ways than it is different. It is compatible with our cross platform and easy to use LJM Driver so it works with Kipling, LJLogM, and LJStreamM. Due to these similarities we decided to re-vamp the T7 datasheet and make a joint T-Series Datasheet that documents both devices.

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