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Our Team

LabJack Corporation makes data acquisition hardware and software to connect the physical world to your computer and the Internet. We help you monitor and control your project or application from your PC or mobile phone. In that way, a LabJack device serves as a bridge between the real world and the virtual one.

In 2001 LabJack was started by engineers and credit cards in a Colorado garage. 

Boxing U12s for Delivery
Boxing up U12s on the kitchen table circa 2002

Responding to the lack of affordable quality data acquisition hardware, the U12 was our first product and continues to be sold to this day. 

Early Prototype of LabJack U12
Early prototype of LabJack U12


Thanks to our amazing customers we have grown beyond our humble beginnings, but our goal has stayed simple: take care of each customer regardless of size. After many years supporting thousands of customers and selling countless LabJacks, we have earned a reputation for Legendary Support. Our team has grown, but we are still owned and run by engineers and scientists.

LabJack is proud to partner with Fortune 500 companies around the world from industries including Aerospace, Defense, Manufacturing/Industrial, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Medical Robotics and many more. Faculty, staff and students from leading Universities around the world trust LabJack devices for precise measurements for experiments, tests and trials. We are proud to have our devices used in national laboratories helping to advance cutting edge research and development.  

If you want to get to know us further, you should know...

We like to collect data

We're intent on measuring things around the house, the office, and on the web. Here are a few examples:

3-Speed Single-Speed Mountain Bike

1 Year in the pond 

Custom PC Water Cooling

We like Mediterranean food

The closest restaurant to LabJack is Falafel House & Grill, and we enjoy gyros and hummus. We also enjoy spicy food, we typically have 10+ different types of hot sauce in our work fridge- our favorites are Yellowbird Sauce and Chile Crunch.