How do I choose the right DAQ device for my application?

To choose a DAQ device that meets your specific performance specifications, determine your needs in terms of speed for capturing data or the level of detail in the measurements. Consider your voltage range and channel count, along with how many devices or sensors you need to connect one time.

For example, the LabJack T4 is best for engineering students or hobbyists who need an affordable and easy-to-use DAQ device for simple tests. The LabJack T7, typically used in laboratory or industrial settings, has higher analog input resolution (16 bit) for more precise measurements, and internal amplification for tiny signals like Thermocoules, Bridge Circuits and Load Cells. 

LabJack offers more than just the little red box that includes hardware, detailed datasheets, App Notes, software and legendary customer support. Our engineers can recommend the right DAQ system for your application and goals.

You can schedule a consultation with an experienced LabJack staff member or chat with our engineers vialive chat.  

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