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LJM User's Guide

Welcome to the LJM User's Guide! This document describes the API and usage of the LabJack LJM library.  The LabJack LJM library is a cross platform library that allows programs to read and write Modbus registers implemented on a variety of LabJack devices.  A searchable list of all of the supported registers that can be read from or written to is available on our Modbus Map page.

Supported Devices

LJM supports T-series devices:

LJM also supports the Digit, which is deprecated.

Software support for other devices can be found on the Software page.

LJM Download

See here for the LJM Installer.


Example code for LJM is available in Python, LabVIEW, C/C++, and other languages.


Reading This Document

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A PDF (or some downloadable form) of the LJM Library User's Guide would be super useful!



I've added a compiled .PDF of the entire LJM User's Guide to the File Attachments section of this page! Happy coding!

Or, try the "Export All" link on this page! It will compile a .PDF of the entire LJM User's Guide then start a download.

Best regards!

Edit: Added precompiled .PDF attachment