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1.2 Family Variants Info [T-Series Datasheet]

T4 vs T7

The two devices are similar due to them being compatible with the LJM driver and their support/use of Modbus TCP.

T4 characteristics that differ from the T7:

  • 12-bit effective resolution on HV and LV lines.
  • AIN (0-3) are high voltage (±10V).
  • Flexible I/O lines: The T4 I/O lines FIO (4-7) and EIO (0-3) are software-configurable to be either low voltage analog inputs (0-2.5V) or digital I/O lines (3.3V logic level).

T7 vs T7-Pro

The T7-Pro has all features of the normal T7, with the following added:

  • Wireless Ethernet 802.11b/g
  • 24-bit Low-Speed ADC for 22-bit Effective Resolution
  • Battery-Backed Real Time Clock to assist Scripts. 
Also see the block diagram in the hardware overview section.

T7-OEM and T7-Pro-OEM

There are also OEM versions of the T7 and T7-Pro.  The OEM versions are the same in terms of features, but the enclosure and most connectors are not installed on the OEM versions, allowing customization as needed. See 22.0 OEM Versions for details.