RB16 Relay Board

Provides 16 industry standard relay module sockets to a LabJack U12. Image shows RB16 with standard and miniature modules installed. The RB16 provides a versatile method for electricians, engineers, and other qualified individuals, to interface a LabJack U12 with high voltages/currents.

I/O modules are available from a variety of manufacturers such as Grayhill, Crydom, or Kyoto, and allow the LabJack U12 to control or monitor 120/240 VAC and/or 3-60 VDC. The following Grayhill modules are available for purchase from Digikey: 70M-OAC5 (AC output), 70M-ODC5 (DC output), 70M-IAC5 (AC input), 70M-IDC5 (DC input).

  • Relay modules are NOT included
  • Modules are available with voltage ratings up to 200 VDC or 280 VAC, and current ratings up to 3.5 amps
  • DB25 cable is included
  • Made by Electronic Innovations Corp.
  • LabJack U12 only. See the RB12 for other devices

Note: The user can also install a resistor to bypass each socket and pass through the standard digital I/O line.

For more information, see the RB16 Relay Board Datasheet

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