Calibration Service with Certificate for U6/UE9/T7

NIST traceable calibration of the U6-Pro (and all U6 variants), T7-Pro (and all T7 variants), or UE9-Pro. Industry standard calibration interval is once per year. Includes a calibration certificate.

All devices are calibrated at the factory, but there are a few reasons for purchasing this service:

  • A certificate is needed.  Due to the nature of our production process, it is not cost effective to generate a certificate for the original factory calibration, so one is not included with a normal purchase.
  • Recalibration is needed.  Many organizations or processes that require a calibration certificate also require that devices be recalibrated or verified at some interval.  1 year is the industry standard interval.
  • A "fresh" calibration is desired.  Since we try to keep substantial stock on hand to provide immediate shipment of all orders, it is possible that the factory calibration could happen some months before a device ships.
OEM Variants

OEM boards can be calibrated as long as they have not been customized in a way which prevents them from fitting in our test and calibration jigs. Most standard pin headers will fit. Large guards, standoffs, or right angles can be a problem.


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