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Learn to Use LabJack-New Video Based Tutorial Series by TechExplorations

LabJack is proud to announce that TechExplorations has created a comprehensive, video based course on the fundamentals of data acquisition, which features the LabJack T4 & accessories. 

The new course: Data Acquisition And Automation With LabJack features 60+ short instructional videos and tutorials, organized into 10 different sections. Although experienced LabJack users may not gain much new knowledge, we are proud to have TechExplorations create a comprehensive course for those new to data acquisition, as yet unfamiliar with electronics, and interested in gaining real world skills. This course is great to share with coworkers, kids, mentees or anyone unfamiliar with DAQ concepts or new to LabJack hardware. For less than $20 (Solo option) you can enroll in hours of high quality, self paced content taught by a patient, easy to follow instructor. 

TBT-EEV Blog Unboxing and Teardown of T7-Pro

A few years ago we sent one of our T7-Pros to a prominent Blogger/Youtuber/Content Creator Dave Jones who is one of the earliest and most pure voices in the electronics space. We have been big fans Dave and EEV Blog due to his passion, energy, sense of humor and brutal honesty. Dave doesn't accept payments or kickbacks for endorsing products and maintains that independent voice that is becoming more and more rare on social media.

LabJack Has Moved!

Last Thursday September 16th 2021 was moving day for LabJack Corporation!

Moving out of the old office, Jimmy didn't think it was enough of a challenge
so he wore a weighted vest like a stud!


Thank you to all our customers who patiently waited an extra day or two for their orders.

Bitcoin + LabJack U3 + Tesla = Distributed Charge

One of the most exciting parts of working at LabJack is knowing that we serve some of the most innovative, creative and renegade minds around the world. LabJack devices are used for many different types of applications but when we ship a LabJack we never quite know how it will be used and what type of projects it will aid.

New DASYLab Support

LabJack is pleased to announce  expanded support for DASYLab: an affordable icon based data acquisition, graphics, and control software. Both new and loyal LabJack customers alike have another powerful software option for controlling LabJack hardware, and engineers and data acquisition experts worldwide who already use DASYLab can upgrade their test bench to include LabJack hardware.

LabJack Power Hour Thursday July 1st 2021

Ask LabJack Anything (AMA) LabJack's live chat power hour is Thursdays from 9:00am to 11:00am, Mountain Daylight time. Yes, that's actually 2 hours, but "power hour" sounds cooler than "2 hours of power."

JEDI One from Machinechat-Professional Software, Dashboards, Alerts and More... Under $100

One of our favorite things here at LabJack is sharing new, innovative ways people are using their LabJack data acquisition systems. This is especially true when it can benefit not just new but all LabJack users.

LabVIEW Examples for Mac with LabJack T-Series

LabJack is excited to announce that we are now providing LabVIEW VIs that link to LJM on Mac OSX.  LJM is our cross platform library for the T-series devices (T4, T7).  We have supported LabVIEW on Windows from the beginning, and it is one of the most popular programming languages used by our customers.  Get the new Mac VIs on our LabVIEW for LJM page, and also required is a Mac LJM installation from April 2021 or newer.