Ultralight Backpacking Website Uses LabJack for Product Testing

Ultralight Backpacking Website Uses LabJack for Product Testing - LabJack

Here at LabJack we are blessed to live in Colorado, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. When we aren't providing legendary support, designing the next new LabJack or shipping customer orders, we take full advantage of nature's playground. Some of our favorite activities include all forms of bicycling, backpacking, rock climbing and llama treks. As engineers with measurement in our blood, even when we leave the office we have a hard time not thinking about weight, efficiency and accuracy. When the guys over at BackPacking Light purchased a LabJack T7-Pro for their testing apparatus we geeked out more than a little! We hope fellow engineers, researchers and scientists who also appreciate the outdoors will enjoy the high quality writing, research and methodology the BPL team puts into their work.  BPL has used LabJacks as part of various testing, including the following recent article that set out to determine if heat exchanger pots are worth the extra weight:



Impressive article BPL!  Keep up the great work.

Backpacking Light YouTube channel:


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