UE9 On The Burj Khalifa

UE9 On The Burj Khalifa - LabJack

UE9 Inside Burj Khalifa

The pinnacle of the Burj Khalifa Image property of: thepropertycompany.ae

Two enclosures used to house the UE9 at different measurement locations.

At the top of the tallest building in the world, a UE9 is gathering data on how the structure moves, vibrates and tilts.  The data provides insight into how the building reacts to forces in its environment.  We asked Tom Lawton, Senior Systems Engineer at CPP Wind Engineering & Air Quality Consultants, about the UE9 in this study: 

"LabJack UE9s were a clear winner on specification and price for this application; and working with LabJack to implement them was a revelation in terms of the responsiveness and depth of knowledge of the support staff.  

Since installation, the 7 installed UE9s have performed flawlessly, from the basement to the pinnacle top, never having needed a reboot in over 5 months. At the pinnacle top (828m, 2716ft), connecting the world's tallest accelerometer to the world's tallest Ethernet port, where temperatures in the enclosure regularly reach 50C (122F), the UE9 keeps going! We'd definitely specify LabJacks again in the future when we need to acquire analogue voltages across a network."

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