U3 and a Scooter Computer

U3 and a Scooter Computer - LabJack

This is a clever design by Paul McIntosh which combines a U3-HV, a tablet PC, and some rotation sensor equipment to measure RPM on a Vespa Scooter.  It is a dyno style project with an onboard DAQ system, and the software layer is based on the Qt framework.  The image on the right shows an embedded widget, which is one of the many features available with Qt. 

The U3-HV is connected to a reed switch and measures the RPM of a lathe, the tablet reports the speed.  Future functionality will include readouts of Km/Hr, Hp etc.  Read more, or download the whole Qt project on the Scooter Computer II project wiki page: http://www.vespalabs.org/Projects/Scooter_Computer_II

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