U12 Support in LabJackPython and the Exodriver

We’re happy to announce support for the U12 in our new Linux and Mac OS X driver, the Exodriver. Now, bundled with the Exodriver is a quick example showing how to work with the U12 in C.

While C is just fine, we prefer Python programming. The U12 Python module in LabJackPython has been expanded significantly to support all of the low-level functions (documented in Section 5) when using the Exodriver. Windows users will continue to use the UW driver functions documented in Section 4.

We liked the new Python interface so much, you’ll see that Section 5 has been updated with example code from LabJackPython. If you’re programming in another language these examples are a great way to see exactly what bytes are sent between a PC and a U12.

Mac OS X please note: There is a bug in libusb that prevents the Exodriver from communicating with the U12. Here is the thread on the libusb-dev mailing list made suggestions to improve the support on Mac OS X. We’ll continue to track libusb development for changes.

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