Popular Maker Demos LabJack T4

Popular Maker Demos LabJack T4 - LabJack

Tech Exploration, a website and blog run by Peter Dalmaris recently posted a blog/vlog post dedicated to the LabJack T4 including running 5 experiments. 

A new user to both LabJack and data acquisition hardware (DAQ) in general, the Tech Exploration perspective is exciting and refreshing. Peter has a strong background in the electrical engineering and maker world. He has the heart of a teacher who communicates clearly, comprehensively and with a level of detail that is welcoming to students, hobbyists and industry veterans alike.

In addition to the blog, Tech Explorations has excellent courses covering Arduinos, ESP32, Raspberry Pi and more. We hope the LabJack audience will enjoy and find value in the Tech Exploration video along with their other content.


Read the full blog post here:


More About Tech Exploration:

Tech Explorations creates educational products for students and hobbyists of electronics who rather utilize their time making awesome gadgets instead of searching endlessly through blog posts and YouTube videos. They deliver high-quality instructional videos and books through their online learning platform, txplore.com. Supporting their students through their learning journey their priority, and do this through dedicated online community and course forums. Founded in 2013 by Peter Dalmaris, Tech Explorations was created after Peter realized how difficult it was to find high-quality definitive guides for the Arduino, written or produced by creators who responded to their reader questions. Tech Explorations courses are designed to be comprehensive, definitive and practical. Whether it is through video, ebook, blog or email, their delivery is personal and conversational.

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