New Product: PS12DC

New Product: PS12DC - LabJack

 LabJack just released a new product for power switching applications.  Home project enthusiasts will find this item indispensable due to the flexibility it provides for switching power sources.

For instance, it is possible to control a 5V relay, 4x12V solenoids, and 6x18V fans all with a single board.  One need only provide the separate power supply units, and wire them to the appropriate switching terminals.  Each channel has an LED indicator to easily reference when the switch is on or off.   

The new board is also compatible with non-LabJack products, such as Arduino, homemade boards, PCI DAQ boards, etc.  Simply wire the digital outputs to the PS12DC via the 2x7 pin header.

The PS12DC is designed for medium to low current DC power switching applications.  Controlled through 12 digital outputs, the board can switch power sources ranging from 5 to 28V DC.  Attach the PS12DC to the DB15 connector presented on all compatible devices, and toggle the states of the EIO and CIO digital output lines to turn the switches on/off. 

See the product page, or for more information, reference the datasheet.

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