New DASYLab Support

New DASYLab Support - LabJack

LabJack is pleased to announce  expanded support for DASYLab: an affordable icon based data acquisition, graphics, and control software. Both new and loyal LabJack customers alike have another powerful software option for controlling LabJack hardware, and engineers and data acquisition experts worldwide who already use DASYLab can upgrade their test bench to include LabJack hardware. DASYLab not only offers a more affordable alternative (starting at $500) to other GUI based DAQ software, they also offer 28 days for evaluation and free training modules recorded on YouTube. LabJack is committed to providing flexible hardware that can easily integrate with 3rd Party Applications regardless of who develops them. Our Legendary Support promise.

From DASYLab Website:

"DASYLab software offers real-time acquisition, analysis, control, and the ability to create custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs). In contrast to other graphical programming environments, which can require weeks of training to master, DASYLab has a very short user-learning curve. Many applications can be configured in a few minutes, rather than days or weeks. Sophisticated acquisition and control tasks can be solved with DASYLab quickly without any additional programming. Simply insert the appropriate module blocks into the worksheet and connect them by virtual wires with a few mouse clicks."

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