LogM and StreamM on MacOS with Parallels

LogM and StreamM on MacOS with Parallels - LabJack

Your new LabJack device just arrived and you are eager to gather some data! Congratulations, and thank you for trusting LabJack with your data acquisition needs. You hastily unbox your shiny new toy…tool, plug it into your computer, screw in a few sensors, and…oops! You realize that you cannot use LabJack’s simple data logging software (LJlogM or LJstreamM) because it is only offered on Windows OS. Panic ensues: “How could I overlook this?”,  “Did I just waste hundreds of dollars on a DAQ I cannot use?!”. 


Once again, LabJack’s amazing support team has got you covered with an affordable and easy solution. Parallels is an affordable yet powerful software that allows users to run Windows with MacOS or Intel OS simultaneously. For as low as $40 dollars, you can install this amazing emulator in just a few minutes. Parallels also comes with a free Parallels Toolbox which includes 30+ tools to simplify all your tasks on Mac and Windows. 

Parallels Desktop 11 (for Mac)Parallels Desktop Pro for Mac - Develop Apps in Windows, Linux VMs on macOS


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