Learn to Use LabJack-New Video Based Tutorial Series by TechExplorations

Learn to Use LabJack-New Video Based Tutorial Series by TechExplorations - LabJack

LabJack is proud to announce that TechExplorations has created a comprehensive, video based course on the fundamentals of data acquisition, which features the LabJack T4 & accessories. The course instructor is Peter Dalmaris, PhD, an Australian who has many years of experience teaching (both at a traditional university and online) the fundamentals of hardware and software electronics to hobbyists, makers, and technology enthusiasts. A few years ago LabJack discovered Peter and the TechExplorations educational products he produces. We sent him a LabJack T4 and, after a short unboxing, he demonstrated 5 simple experiments

The new course: Data Acquisition And Automation With LabJack features 60+ short instructional videos and tutorials, organized into 10 different sections. Although experienced LabJack users may not gain much new knowledge, we are proud to have TechExplorations create a comprehensive course for those new to data acquisition, as yet unfamiliar with electronics, and interested in gaining real world skills. This course is great to share with coworkers, kids, mentees or anyone unfamiliar with DAQ concepts or new to LabJack hardware. For less than $20 (Solo option) you can enroll in hours of high quality, self paced content taught by a patient, easy to follow instructor.

The course is also available on Udemy


The course has no prerequisites and, although it uses the LabJack T4, any LabJack device can substitute for nearly every experiment. 


Who this course is for?

  • Anyone who wants to measure and record real-world data for later analysis.
  • Anyone interested in rapid prototyping, testing, and shortening the design-build-test loop.
  • Anyone interested in learning about DAQ (Data Acquisition), but is not sure where to start.
  • Anyone who learns best with the aid of video instruction.
  • Anyone who is intimidated by the complexity of PLCs and looking for a simple, yet powerful, way to control anything, from a greenhouse to a rocket engine test rig.
  • Anyone who has a remote team (working from home or on the other side of the globe) that needs to be able to learn LabJack products

Pricing for this course starts at US$14.99.


Please go to the course page at https://txplo.re/lbjck to find out about the Solo, Community, and Mentor pricing in your currency.


You can learn more about their new tiered access options here: https://txplo.re/tiers


This course is also available as part of TechExplorations subscription program: https://txplo.re/sbscrb

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