LabJack Has Moved!

LabJack Has Moved! - LabJack

Last  Thursday  September  16th,  2021  was  moving  day  for  LabJack Corporation!

Moving out of the old office, Jimmy didn't think it was enough of a challenge
so he wore a weighted vest like a stud!


Thank you to all our customers who patiently waited an extra day or two for their orders.

Our new address is 6900 West Jefferson Ave Suite 110 Lakewood, CO 80235 USA. 

While we are sure to miss the pond, the turtles, fish and various wildlife; we are excited for a new office with more space, a bigger recreation/gym room and lots of space to grow! 


A big thanks to Denver Processional Movers who helped us quickly move with minimal delays to customers and vendors.

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