LabJack Bartender Phase 3

LabJack Bartender Phase 3 - LabJack

Mounting Stand and Circuity Complete

 On the left is the 24V power supply, in the middle is the U3, and on the right lies the power switching circuit designed during "Phase 2" of this project. 

The mounting stand is comprised of 5/8" threaded rod situated in a PVC base.  There are large threaded nuts at the start of the PVC to allow for height adjustment. 

The solenoid valves are all wired into the power switching circuit, which is controlled through the EIO, CIO, and FIO lines on the U3. Using a python script running on a local PC the valves are opened and closed. The next step is to buy a bunch of alcohol and connect the piping.


Before connecting the solenoid wiring to the power switching circuit.

Looking down the center of the funnel

A close up of the circuitry mounted on the side of the plastic framing

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