JEDI One from Machinechat-Professional Software, Dashboards, Alerts and More

JEDI One from Machinechat-Professional Software, Dashboards, Alerts and More - LabJack


June 4, 2021

One of our favorite things here at LabJack is sharing new, innovative ways people are using their LabJack data acquisition systems. This is especially true when it can benefit not just new but all LabJack users. JEDI One by Machinechat offers powerful yet lightweight software (less than 30MB) that can be used with LabJack UD and T-Series hardware.  Pairing a Labjack with the JEDI One software from Machinechat, you can create rules, alerts and actions, email and text notifications, beautiful dashboards, and network monitoring, among other things. Best of all, this can all be set up in about 15 minutes.

Try JEDI One by Machinechat free for 30 days. Unlock all their premium features for under $100. Machinechat software speeds up development, is flexible just like LabJack, and also includes MQTT broker support. Best of all, Machinechat  JEDI One works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone systems giving you even more software options for your next LabJack data acquisition application. 

Read on to see how their software can save you time, money and improve your design-build-test-deploy loop! LabJack is in no way affiliated with MachineChat and JEDIOne but we are proud to share their services along with many other 3rd Party Software that make data acquisition with LabJack easier and more powerful for engineers, scientists, researchers, educators and hobbyists.


Supercharging your LabJack: Add Rules, Email Notifications and Dashboards in Minutes | by Machinechat Jedi | Medium

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