Improvements to Digit Firmware and Software

Improvements to Digit Firmware and Software - LabJack

We released new firmware and software for the Digit-TL/H series data loggers which has some nice improvements.

  1. New zoom tools. Starting in Otero version 1.53, there is a tool which enables zoom selection, zoom in on point, zoom extent, and a few other options to help users view their data.
  2. Starting in firmware version 1.41, the Digit-TL/H recovers from replacing the battery, without having to re-connect it to the computer to begin a new logging session.  When the new battery is inserted, firmware will remember where it left off, and continue logging data.  The downloaded data will contain a flag indicating when the power failure occurred. You can see this feature in action if you set the log interval to 10s, let it log a few data points, then un-plug the battery for a minute or two, and plug the battery back in, and then download the data.
  3. Non-critical settings are auto-saved. That is, it's not necessary to begin a new logging session when only settings such as the Device Name are changed.
  4. When users begin a new logging session the RTC is automatically synchronized with the time of the host PC.  Users can still download and view the data without synchronizing the RTC.
  5. Software settings are maintained between closing/opening the program, so users only need to change things like °C vs °F once.  The program also remembers the directory where you last saved a Digit data file, so it's easier to maintain a single folder with all the downloaded data files.
  6. Temperature, Light, and (Humidity) data are logged during USB operation.  Prior to firmware v1.21, the Digit-TL/H would store "blank" or null readings during USB operation, but now it will log data continuously regardless of USB presence.  If needed, USB readings can be parsed out later, since they are tagged as 'During USB' in downloaded .csv files.
  7. Some small UI tweaks such as a better battery indicator, less clutter, and more obvious program flow.

Note: We recommend updating the software (Otero) first, because old software will throw errors on new firmware, but new software supports both old and new firmware.


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