Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing with LabJack and HILSTER's hardware testing framework htf

Ready to expand and automate your testing? LabJack is thrilled to announce our informal partnership with Hilster.io, a cutting-edge hardware-in-loop (HIL) testing software company based in Germany. This integration will bring powerful automated testing capabilities to LabJack T-Series devices, adding another way to test, while ensuring top-notch performance.

htf (a part of the quality assurance suite QABenchis a professional Hardware Testing Framework, based on Python, that makes it easier to perform Automated Hardware Tests. It has a strong focus on reporting, industrial applications, and functional safety and integrates seamlessly with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery as well as end-of-line testing systems.

Existing LabJack T-Series users can use htf to easily automate hardware tests that were performed manually before.

New customers can try any of our LabJack T-Series devices (T4, T7, T7-Pro or T8) risk free for 60 days. QABench also offers a free community license to test before selecting one of their affordable options

Hardware tests can be run in CI (continuous integration) without any interaction by the tester.

If you want to explore automating tests with LabJack hardware visit https://htf.io/labjack

Why Hilster.io?

LabJack maintains a neutral, no favorites approach to 3rd party software. No kickbacks, affiliate links, or financial stake in any software provider. Hilster.io approached LabJack about adding native and driver-less support for LabJack's DAQ devices via USB and Modbus-TCP. We said "YES" because it adds value to new and existing LabJack users. LabJack invites all 3rd parties (hardware, software and integrations services) whose products might compliment LabJack hardware to Contact Us to explore an informal partnership.

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