Digit-TL is now available

Digit-TL is now available - LabJack

Have an urge to measure the temperature in your refrigerator, attic, or car?  The Digit-TL might be just what you need.  LabJack is proud to announce the arrival of a new family of data loggers, the Digit Series.  

A LabJack Digit-TL is a battery powered temperature logger which can store up to 260,000 readings, and has a battery life of 3 years.  Record data in a wide variety of applications, and download (to .csv) over USB to a Windows based computer using the free Otero software.


  • Shipping and containers
  • Refrigeration, food storage
  • Weather
  • HVAC
  • Agriculture


  • Up to 3yr battery life
  • Optional IP68 water resistant enclosure
  • 7 Log intervals: 10s, 30s, 1m, 10m, 30m, 1h, 6h
  • Stores 260,000 readings
  • 2 Programmable alarm thresholds
  • Green/Red LEDs for alarm checking
  • Free software
  • Small size
  • Ambient light sensor (when not in enclosure)
Read more on the getting started page, or see all the specifications on the datasheet. 

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