Citizen Scientist Workshop Features LabJack (Video)

Citizen Scientist Workshop Features LabJack (Video) - LabJack

LabJack loves crazy projects, zany scientists and ambitious engineers. When your passion is helping others measure, record, control and automate, you can't help trying a few measurements of your own. (We once built a stepstool/ladder that would measure how long you were balanced on two legs using a LabJack T4 and Raspberry Pi) We are always honored when teachers, scientists and researchers choose LabJack to help inspire students, hold their attention and capture their imagination. So we were beyond humbled when Dr. Shawn from Citizen Scientist's Workshop reached out to LabJack for the tools to help him teach and entertain his students. In just a few minutes he used a LabJack T7-Pro to monitor his heart as a DIY an electrocardiogram, also called an ECG or EKG machine.

If you enjoy Dr. Shawn's humor, teaching style and videos, please consider subscribing and sharing his videos. We can't wait for future projects, applications and experiments Dr. Shawn cooks up. We will be sure to share them with you.

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Dr. Shawn (Shawn Carlson, Ph.D.) is a physicist and innovator in STEM education who is widely recognized for his creativity, leadership, and passion. He is one of the founders of the modern citizen scientist and Maker movements and has been the creative force behind a number of educational and research programs which have engaged both adults and children in doing authentic science. He is a former columnist for Scientific American and Make Magazines and served as the Executive Director of the SciTech Hands On Museum in Aurora, Illinois from 2007-2010.  He founded the Society for Amateur Scientists, and is currently the Executive Director of Engagement Education Inc, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization which runs both the LabRats Science Education Program ( and the Citizen Scientist's Workshop channel on YouTube. In 1999 he received a MacArthur Fellowship for his creative leadership in STEM education.  



Going a Step Further

Dr. Shawn shows us a quick and easy way to measure the electrical signal of your heart. Here at LabJack, we wanted to take it a step further. Dr. Shawn uses a LJ Tick In-Amp however the T7-pro has an amplifier built in already! This means we can build the same ECG as Dr. Shawn, but with less hardware. If you would like to learn how, check out our ECG with T7-Pro application note. 

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