Affordable temperature probes designed for LabJack devices

Affordable temperature probes designed for LabJack devices - LabJack

Brew Data has developed a full line of high quality, industrial grade, solid state temperature probes that are designed to work well with LabJack's DAQ hardware. These probes are accurate, easy to wire and install, and can be used in a wide variety of applications. They are available in a variety of styles and lengths.

All probes use solid state temperature sensors, which gives them an advantage in accuracy and ease of use compared to other sensor types such as RTDs or thermocouples. Solid state sensors have their signal conditioning electronics built along side the actual sensor, so they can directly drive an analog to digital converter without any extra signal conditioning. Also, because of how solid state sensors are measured, these probes don't have any special wiring requirements, and can be connected to cables using simple wire nuts.

All probes are made from 316 stainless steel and are designed to be used in industrial environments. This makes them ideal for use in breweries, food and beverage production, or any other application with sanitary or watertight requirements.

Every one of Brew Data's probes are designed to be compatible with LabJack's equipment. No extra circuitry, or signal conditioning is needed. Brew Data even uses the UE9 for probe quality assurance and development and U3 devices in control systems.

See the full selection of temperature probes on Brew Data's website.

About Brew Data

Brew Data is a small company based in Cedar Rapids Iowa that offers temperature probes and solutions for data acquisition and control. Their expertise lies in the brewing industry, but most of their products are useful in other industries as well.

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