10 Things LabJack Enjoys More Than Sending Emails

10 Things LabJack Enjoys More Than Sending Emails - LabJack

At LabJack, we hate sending boring marketing emails. 

10 things we would rather do instead. 

  1. Llama wrangling
  2. Fishing
  3. Practicing wheelies, track stands and manuals
  4. Drinking margaritas
  5. Rock crawling with RC trucks
  6. Splitting wood 
  7. Playing tennis or pickleball
  8. Frisbee golf (we call it Frolf)
  9. Backpacking out of cell service
  10. Smoking a pork butt

    Just to be clear, if you email us a question, our support and operations staff will respond promptly and professionally with an answer to your question or a response that moves closer to a solution.

    If you do sign up for LabJack's newsletter you won't be receiving any flash sales, reminders of fake holidays that coincide with an offer or hollow sales ploys. On rare occasion we might share:

    • New products (very rare)
    • New features (occasionally)
    • Pictures of llamas (we will try to practice restraint)
    • Order/stock/availability updates
    • Something our engineers find interesting
    • Customer applications
    • Project from cool engineering students/teams

    10 more things we would rather do than spam you with email.

    1. Mandatory socializing
    2. Cleaning the bore of our rifle
    3. Visiting the dentist
    4. Attending an emergency meeting on Friday afternoon
    5. Eating vegetables
    6. Burpees or push-ups
    7. Making eye contact
    8. Preparing a PowerPoint presentation
    9. Rotating our tires
    10. Cleaning the garage