T8 Digital I/O

  • 20 Digital I/O-Use our CB15 Terminal Board for access to all DIO
  • Supports SPI, I2C, and more... (Master Only)
  • up to 9 PWM Outputs with individual phase control
  • up to 9 Pulse Outputs with configurable number, frequency, and width
  • up to 9 Frequency Inputs returning both frequency and period
  • up to 9 Pulse Width Inputs measuring time spent high and low as well as duty cycle
  • up to 3 pairs Line-to-Line Inputs measuring the time between edges on 2 different lines
  • up to 8 High-Speed Counters
  • up to 16 Software Counters with debounce capabilities
  • up to 8 Pairs of Quadrature Inputs
Many of these DIO Extended Features share pins and cannot be used at the same time. See the DIO Extended Features section of the T8's datasheet

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