T8 Analog Input Features

  • 8 Fully Isolated, differential Analog Inputs built in
    • 1kV channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation
  • 24-bit high-speed ADC (up to 40,000 samples per second per channel) (Appendix A-1)
  • Simultaneous, independent ADC per channel
  • Software Configurable Resolution Settings
  • Voltage Ranges: ±11V, ±9.7V, ±4.8V, ±2.4V,±1.2V, ±0.6V, ±0.3V, ±0.15V,±0.075V, ±0.036V, and ±0.018V (Appendix A-3-3)
  • All analog input features are software programmable by configuring the Analog Input Registers
  • High speed sampling configurable by using Stream Mode. Speeds up to 40kS/s/Ch
  • Low Latency Sampling and Control (less than 1ms) is made easy with Command-Response Modbus messages
  • Easy integration with sensors like thermocouples, load cells, bridges, and more Explore LabJack's Sensor App-Notes

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