Optional Accessories:

Optional Accessories: - LabJack

The CB15 is a simple screw terminal breakout for the DB15 connector.

The CB37 is a simple screw terminal breakout board for the DB37 connector. It only works with the U6 and T7 devices and can also be paired with the Mux80 for high channel application up to 84 AINs.

The Mux80 is an Analog Input Expansion board for the T7 and U6. Connected directly to the DB37 connector is can allow a single device to read up to 84 AINs.

 The RB12 Relay Board provides a convenient interface for the LabJack to industry standard relays to interface a LabJack with high voltages/currents. The RB12 relay board connects to the DB15 connector on the LabJack. Output or input 

The LJTick-Divider (LJTD) signal-conditioning module is designed to divide 2 single-ended higher voltage analog signals down to 0-2.5 volt signals.

The LJTick-DAC (LJTDAC) provides a pair of 14-bit analog outputs with a range of ±10 volts. Plugs into any digital I/O block, and thus up to 10 of these can be used per device to add 20 analog outputs.

The LJTick-InAmp (LJTIA) signal-conditioning module provides two instrumentation amplifiers ideal for low-level signals such as bridge circuits (e.g. strain gauges) and thermocouples. Each amplifier converts a differential input to single-ended.

The LJTick-RelayDriver (LJTRD) allows 2 digital I/O lines to each control a relay or other moderate load up to 50V/200mA.

The LJTick-CurrentShunt (LJTCS) signal-conditioning module is designed to convert a 4-20 mA current loop input signal into a 0.47-2.36 volt signal.

The LJTick-Proto (LJTP) consists of an 8x8 grid of holes for prototyping custom signal-conditioning modules.

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