Digital I/O Overview (T-Series Devices)

Digital I/O Overview (T-Series Devices) - LabJack

Basics: Individual digital I/O lines can be set to digital input or digital output. DIO is a generic name used for all digital I/O.

Common Uses: For wiring information on open-collector signals, driven signals, controlling relays, and mechanical switches, see the Digital I/O (App Note).

How to read and write DIO: See 3.0 Communication for communication basics. Also, LabJack Kipling's Dashboard tab shows live DIO values.

DIO Extended Features: T-series DIO Extended Features expose more complicated features such as:

  • Timers, Counters, PWM, Quadrature Input, and more.

Digital Communication Protocols: T-series DIO lines can also be used to communicate with a large number of sensors that require the use of various digital communication protocols. The T-series devices implement the following protocols:

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