Can LabJack be used for Industrial Applications?

LabJack Devices:
  • Can comfortably operate within the industrial temperature range (-40°C to 85C)
  • Are capable of being mounted via DIN Rail/Snap track
  • Integrate with Voltage Dividers for 24+ Volt signals
  • NEMA 3 (or greater) enclosures recommended for any outdoor or indoor applications with dust, debris or in condensing humidity environments
  • All LabJack products are covered by our industry leading 5 year warranty
  • Have OEM Versions available for custom and embedded applications. 
  • Drawings and CAD Models Provided 
  • LabJack products are very robust, but subject to the influence of user connections.
  • LabJack is not liable for any losses, expenses or damages beyond the LabJack device itself.  See our Limitation of Liability for more details.

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