AIN Extended Features [T-Series Datasheet]

Available AIN Extended Features

For any given AIN channel, one AIN-EF feature may be selected. AIN-EF indices:

Index  AIN-EF Name Supported Devices Performs Stream Internally?
0: None (disabled) All T-series  
1: Offset and Slope All T-series  
3: Max, Min, Avg All T-series Yes
4: Resistance All T-series  
5: Average and Threshold All T-series Yes
10: RMS Flex All T-series Yes
11: RMS Auto All T-series Yes
20: Thermocouple type E T7 only  
21: Thermocouple type J T7 only  
22: Thermocouple type K T7 only  
23: Thermocouple type R T7 only  
24: Thermocouple type T T7 only  
25: Thermocouple type S T7 only  
30: Thermocouple type C T7 only  
40: RTD PT100 All T-series  
41: RTD PT500 All T-series  
42: RTD PT1000 All T-series  
50: Thermistor using Steinhart-Hart equation All T-series  
51: Thermistor using Beta equation All T-series

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