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EI1040 Dual Instrumentation Amplifier


General purpose dual instrumentation amplifier. Often used in conjunction with the LabJack U12 to provide analog input gain. Operates from a single 5 volt supply and provides a ±15 volt supply and a 4.096 volt reference voltage. Analog input range is ±10 volts. The gain of each channel is set to 1, 10, 100, or 1000 via digital I/O or jumper wires.

For more information, see the EI-1040 Dual Instrumentation Amplifier Datasheet.


End Of Life (EOL) Notice

Limited Availability:  The EI-1040 dual instrumentation amplifier, manufactured by Electronic Innovations Corporation and sold by LabJack, is at the end of production. Estimated time of NLA (no longer available) is Spring 2023.



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