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About Us

LabJack Corporation makes data-acquisition hardware and software to connect the physical world to your computer and the Internet. We help you monitor and control your project or application from your PC or mobile phone. In that way, a LabJack device serves as a bridge between the real world and the virtual one.

We're located in Lakewood, Colorado, and we released the first LabJack in 2001. We make exceptional products that we support wholeheartedly. If you want to get to know us further, you should know...

We like to collect data

We're intent on measuring things around the house, the office, and on the web.

We like Mexican food

The closest restaurant to LabJack is Spicy Mexican Grill, and we consume mass quantities.

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We share our office park with wildlife

There's a pond next to our office (see the Google Map) that attracts wildlife throughout the year. Here are some pictures we've snapped from our doors and windows.

American Wigeon Pair
Coyote Pair
Mallard Male
Ring-Necked Duck
Hooded Merganser
Coyote Hunting
Bull Elk in the grass
Goose in Snow
Coyote Looking into the LabJack door
Heron & Geese
Northern Shoveler Pair

We like the Colorado outdoors

When we're not trapped in the office by coyotes at the door, we like to get out and explore Colorado. Here are some images from our state.

Telluride at night
Pikes Peak & Garden of the Gods
Genesee, Colorado
Bald Eagle in flight
Mountain goat on Quandary Peak
Crested Butte
Golden Eagle
Mule Deer buck
Columbines in Clear Creek County
Mount Sneffels in the San Juan Mountains
Grand Mesa National Forest
Young Great Horned Owls
Male Elk
Vail Valley
Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park
Perching Snowy Owl
Winter garden near Golden
Cottonwood Creek, near Buena Vista
West Beckwith Mountain in Gunnison National Forest
Dallas Divide in the San Juan Mountains, near Ridgway, Colorado