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Our products are used and loved by everyone from tinkerers to corporate testing labs (such as those featured to the right). Check out some of the testimonials left by our satisfied customers and let us know if you have a testimonial you'd like to share!

I wanted to say "Thank You!" for all of your help. I really appreciate your assistance in getting these parts to us so quickly.

I'd like to compliment you on your nicely-written native LabVIEW drivers; we're customising them to our own ends, but they're a nice neat starting point—unlike a lot of other people's code! [...] By the way—excellent table of contents in the PDF Manual—why can't everyone do that?! [...] Very much enjoying working with the LabJacks—and looking forward to using them for other jobs.

Thanks, guys. Worked flawlessly as always!

We have used LabJacks for several years now and could not be more satisfied with the product but more so the unbelievable support you offer.

Consider me a very pleased U12 user. It has helped me in many work and personal projects.

I would like to complement you on the excellent product you have developed. [...] The documentation is perhaps the best presentation of support material I have ever seen. The example programs are extensive, and well thought out. The labs I have developed work beyond my expectations.

Thank you very much for your help. Your three U3-HV products (with cables and a screwdriver!) will be a gateway that will allow my students to go from reading about things to doing things. [...] This is very much appreciated!

Thanks for the great support you provide. You always provide the answer that I need, and you manage it in a very short time.

I'd like to thank you for your support and really detailed information for troubleshooting the UE9. [...] I am pleased with your support as it is rather uncommon these days to get such detailed information about a product.

This is really great support and it gives me confidence to continue to keep using your products!

Thank you for the quick reply and the info. [...] We like the unit very much.

I have died and gone to heaven. Exactly what I needed to look at the problem [...]

You guys are a pleasure to deal with. I had slim hope that I'd be able to get an update for a (nearly) 8 year old product. I applaud your support! [...] Yours is a shining example of a company that supports its customers.

By the way thanks for corresponding with me on your weekend. Your service is excellent.

Thank you. This really helps me out. This is why I recommend Labjack to all my clients. [...] Your tech help has solved every LabView integration need of mine.

Thanks! All works as expected now [...] Great product! I have lots of positive things to say about your products and your service.

Thanks for replying so fast to my Linux/Driver and warnings at the compilation problem. I am very happy to see that I have chosen the best product because there is a real, fast and efficient support.

Sheesh, guys. I placed this order late afternoon the day before a holiday weekend, and the best you could do is ship it an hour later? [...] My LabJack did just what it was supposed to, and at a very attractive price.

You guys ROCK! Thanks :)

I was extremely impressed with your prices, the speed and competence of your service, your detailed documentation, and the otherwise competitive technical specs. Compared to your competitors, your website felt very transparent - it took relatively little time to well acquaint myself with the details of your products. [...] I continue to be pleased with your service and with your product.