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T4 Firmware - Beta

This is the latest hot-off-the-press firmware. One of these might be moved to release after further testing, or these might be interim versions.

There are currently no beta firmwares for the T4.


    1.0022: Fixed a bug that would cause an error to be thrown when reading back the configuration registers for DIO8_EF and DIO9_EF. The fast startup settings will now force DIO_EF lines to input.

    1.0020: Stream will now throw an error if the scanRate, numChannels, and resolution are an invalid combination. Previously, resolution would be reduced to work with scanRate and numChannels. Added cleanse function.

    1.0018: 1-wire will now set the sense line to output high before starting any operations. Writing to AIN_ALL_RANGE is now ignored; no operations will be performed and no errors will be returned. Fixed a bug that was causing SPC to produce extra pulses during stream.





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