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UE9 Ethernet Test App

At the bottom of this page there is a link to download a utility called UE9ethertest.exe, which is mentioned in Section 2.2 of the UE9 User's Guide.  Run this program and send us the output so that we can further assist you.  To capture the output after running, right-click in the menu bar of that window and choose "Edit=>Select All".  Then right-click again and choose "Edit=>Copy". You can now paste the text into a text file or email.

We recommend running the program twice and sending us both outputs. One time you just hit enter when prompted so that the program does a UDP search, and the other time you type in the IP address of the UE9.

Most common problems:

  1. UE9 IP address not valid on subnet:  Open a command prompt window and type "ipconfig" to see a listing of the IP address and subnet mask for a particular PC.  If the PC shows a subnet mask of, that means it can only talk to devices with the same first 3 bytes of the IP address.  The default IP address of the UE9 is, which will generally work on a network using the 192.168.1.* subnet (unless another device is already using the .209 address).  If the IP address of the UE9 needs to be changed, the easiest way is via USB with the LJControlPanel application.
  2. Something else is using the same IP address:  Disconnect the UE9 and Ping the IP address in question to see if anything responds.
  3. Connection not electrically valid:  First make sure the UE9 has power, but the most common problem is that the wrong cable is connected or the switch/hub/NIC does not support 10Base-T.  Use the LEDs on the switch/hub/NIC to determine if you have an electrically valid connection.  An orange LED is often used to indicate a good 10Base-T connection, but consult the manual for the switch/hub/NIC to be sure.  If there is any communication at all, such as Ping, then you know the connection is electrically valid.
  4. The UE9 has been damaged and does not work at all.  Use a USB connection to test basic functionality.  Confirm proper LED behavior as described in Section 2.4 of the UE9 User's Guide. Confirm installation and LJControlPanel operation as described in Sections 1.0 and 1.1.

For #1 and #2, the output from UE9ethertest can help us help you.  If you seem to have some Ethernet communication, but not quite right or as expected, you can get a traffic capture using Wireshark, and if you don't see the problem try sending it to us to look at.


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